Natural Quartz For Kitchen Countertops In Austin, TX

Quartz countertops are produced by fusing 93% of pure natural quartz crystals with polymer resin materials and color powder. These substances are mixed during the whole manufacturing process under high pressure to create unique pattern style stone.

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Quartz mimics the look of natural stones styles such as quartzite, limestone, marble, or granite. It is known for its strength and durability. The non-porous quartz endures intense resistance to all kinds of chemical weathering, and it does not require regular treatment of waxes or sealants to maintain hygienic properties.

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What Makes Quartz Unique From Other Stones?

It is usually confused with other stones such as quartzite, marble, granite, or limestone. The difference between the quartz and other stones is that

  • Man-made Quartz: quartz countertops are termed engineered stone as they are manufactured in a factory while other stones are quarried naturally from the Earth's crust layer.
  • Customization According To Needs: It can be customized into desired thickness slabs according to the needs and requirements.
  • Quartz Has A Uniform Pattern: It manufactured in controlled conditions by mixing the right proportions of pigments to produce uniform appearance and pattern.
  • Quartz Is Non-Porous Material: This quality makes it easy to seal and maintain.
  • Quartz Comes In A Wide Range Of Color Options: The process of blending the elements collectively to produce quartz countertops allows manufacturers to create brightly colored quartz slabs by adding dyes to the mixture.

Renaissance Stone Works has a wide range of quartz slabs in red, orange, pure white, green, blue, etc. colors in Austin, TX.

Features Of Natural Quartz Countertops

  • Broad Color Selection
  • Professional Installation
  • Guided Design Experience
  • Free Estimate & Measure

Natural Quartz Countertops’ Qualities

  • Quartz is easy to care for and requires zero or minimum maintenance. It is spotless and never needs to be sealed.
  • It is highly scratch-resistant material and can withstand many cuts and abrasions because of the high content of naturally hard crystals.
  • It has a very low water absorption rate makes the quartz countertops stain resistant from wine, coffee, oil, and many more materials.
  • Quartz surface can tolerate up to a limited temperature of heat without burning or scorching.
  • It has a score of seven out of ten on the Mohs Hardness Scale which proves resistant to chipping and cracking
  • It is available in a variety of combinations, patterns, and colors.
  • Unlike other materials, quartz is NSF International certified and can be used as a food preparation surface. Its nonporous quality prevents food and moisture from penetrating its surface.

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